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Curious Crafts for Resting in Peace


What is Mourning Routine?

Mourning Routine is a ritual.

“I am here, but not forever.” And repeat. For many, death is an uncomfortable topic. Instead of avoiding the truth, let's acknowledge and normalize the fact that everyone dies. Make time each day to consider and prepare for the final stage of life.

Mourning Routine is a community.

Meaningful conversations about death can make the difference between a potentially traumatic passing and a final transition of a life well lived. Let’s communicate openly with our family, friends, and loved ones about the end of life.

Mourning Routine is a challenge.

Dealing with death will never be easy, but Mourning Routine makes it a little more fun. Gather your friends and family and select an activity to kick-start a discussion about dying. What legacy will you leave behind?


Start your death positive journey today with a Mourning Routine activity!

Upcoming Workshops

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no upcoming workshops available. Stay safe, wear a mask, and check back soon!

Mourning Routine is made with love in NYC.



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